Vampires in General….

Dracula has always been a famous character told in stories, especially during Halloween. Whether people believe in him or not, the truth is that he will always be a character to fear and is portrayed as a supernatural creature, appearing only at night to drink the blood of humans. In the stories Dracula, Varney, and Carmilla, they all share the same similarities of the character, the vampire, for doing the same things in each story. For example, the “vampire”, is described as having a pale skin color, sharp vivid white teeth, glowing eyes, and randomly disappears here and there. But, some stories told from other countries view a vampire’s characteristics a little differently. It just depends on who is telling the story and where it originated from. Some universal characteristics that all vampires fear is the holy cross, the host, garlic, and holy water. Nevertheless, the vampires all have the mission to drink fresh human blood and to turn humans into one of their kind.


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